Saturday, June 26, 2010

delicious and morbid Norwegian skull licorice

"The more evil-looking, the better," was the guideline I gave S. before she left on her Scandinavian vacation. Of course I needed her to bring me some salt licorice, but I knew that the choices might be overwhelming.

But then I remembered a trick I'd used myself in foreign candy stores for sussing out the strongest salt flavors. I told her look for evil packaging or shapes: bats, vampires, witches, devils, skulls etc... especially skulls. Evil is a good sign that the licorice will be salty, especially in Scandinavia.

And it worked! Don't let the sugary-looking coating fool you, that is a delicious, tongue-watering sal-ammoniac dusting on that over-sized skull S. found in Norway. The licorice part is quite soft and gummy and sweet. Super easy to eat and such a lovely contemplation of mortality. Highly recommended.

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Blogger Denni said...


You are right about the evil looks/packaging :D

4:44 AM  

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