Friday, October 16, 2009

I'm Seeing Double

It's been a while since my last order, but now that my trickle of supplies has dried up, I returned to Liquoriceheaven and filled up my basket with a gluttonous heap of assorted liquorice, only to be told that the order couldn't be processed.

No worries. I fired off an email and was told that they'll get on the case straight away (apparently there's been a server problem) and a few days later I re-ordered and received a big bag full of liqs :)

But imagine my surprise when another bag arrived not two days after that.

I'm seeing double...

It seems that their server has been working after all, and the first order has gone through. Now let's just hope it hasn't picked up on my previous two attempts or I shall soon be drowning in liqs!

What arrived is—literally—a mixed bag, with quite a few sweet kinds included. But I'm not prejudiced and I have already encountered a few that I like, including one with a nice, old-fashioned jellybaby consistency and earthy sweetwood undertones. There are also quite a few that I don't like, but more about that later.


Blogger mina olen said...

haha! what a bounty! you're so liq-y?! lol... as long as they dont charge you twice, too! :~j

2:03 AM  

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