Thursday, June 28, 2007


I should be working, but I weakened and placed an order for liqs on "Humbug" said Scrooge!.

The quaint website is the online outlet for an even quainter sweetshop in a North Welsh village which stocks—wait for it—50 varieties of Dutch liquorice!

Among them are a few old favourites, and while the choice is less than that found on Dutch websites, both shipping costs and order size have to be considered. I have liquorice going stale on me because it's being kept for too long. (I have to ration it, but once a pack is open, it starts to deteriorate. Here's hoping that the bags will be sealed)

Small town sweetshops are real gold mines for Dutch treats. I even found (semi-)salty liquorice in a sweet shop in Banff, Canada! I'm wondering who actually buys the stuff.

Oddly, the sweetshop in my German hometown was about the only shop there that sold sweets but not salty liquorice (despite its popularity so close to the Dutch border)!

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