Friday, March 16, 2007

New Blogger

My apologies for posting so late. As you may have gathered, I have finally made the switch to Google.

So why the delay?

I have used Google for a long time in order to post to the rasf (science fiction) usenet groups. However, Google insists that my username be a valid email address, then went and plastered said address all over the internet. Now, the usegroup servers have been targeted by spammers since at least the early Nineties (when I joined various Biology groups) and I haven't had much extra spam to deal with as a result, but I still wasn't pleased. And as for Google's own record: it's pretty bad, both with regard to spam and security. There is a reason why I prefer Yahoo—namely their spam filters!

Since joining Google is inevitable, I have changed my primary email address to gmail, which will serve as spam-sieve and which I won't have to keep secret for this reason. I won't usually check that address. Coments left on this blog will show up in the dashboard.

Service will resume shortly.

PS. The HTML correction feature also sucks: it has disappeared, to be replaced with a note 'sorry we can't accept this post'. For a moment there I thought it had simply been swallowed. It's there if you click on the browser's back arrow, but a link would have been nice! Also, you'll have to re-enter the labels.

That's one Google tick-off (plus one for the email username and another one for not supporting HTML tickmark characters)

Bad Google Rating:

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