Friday, February 16, 2007

Reluctant Blogger

Just as I got ready for this rant, something amazing happened: I was put through to the Blogger dashboard without argument, side-tracking or—frankly—thinly disguised attempts at entrapment.

See, I usually have to click on a multitude of links and be careful not to sign my soul away in the process to confirm that *yes, really*, I want to remain with the old Blogger and not sign up to the amazing new Google version.

I want nothing to do with Google: I don't want to change my username and password, I abhore the idea of using my email address as username and I never asked for Google to barge into the Bloggerverse and go on to pester users.

I do have a Google account which I opened reluctantly in order to be able to post on usegroups and I am gobsmacked at the amount of spam that appears on those sites.

No thank you. It's time someone threw a spanner in Google's masterplan for world domination. Get out of my hair, or I cease blogging on this site.

Expect updates to be even more of a trickle than they have been already.


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