Friday, March 24, 2006

Napoleon Echte Zwart Wit Kogel

What is this? When I checkd my blog today, I found nothing but a hazy picture of Oldtimers SZH at the lower right corner of the screen. No text, no links and no pictures. Yet another Blogger cock-up???

Technical problems aside, I have been happily munching my way through liqs in the last few days. After smileys, the next on my list were the above round sweets with genuine ZW powder at their centre. Again, I remember them being much bigger in my childhood.

Another surprise was the chocolate-ly taste of the candy. I think it goes extremely well with the earthyness of the sweetwood and even the ammonium chloride kick of the center. The only downside: You taste the ZW powder almost at once, so these are not suitable to offer to an unsuspecting friend as a treat and then crack up when they pull a face. I don't know, perhaps the company has been sued in the past??



Blogger bergamot said...

Hi! Just a blurb from your new friend in Canada who is obsessed with all things liquorice, and has thus bookmarked your site.

That's it! Thanks.

10:08 PM  

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