Sunday, September 18, 2005

Totally Swedish

'The Swedish Affair', London's only salty liquorice shop, has re-opened at 32 Crawford Street, W1; only now it is called 'Totally Swedish' and it has its own website!

As yet, there is not much to chose from, but a steady stream of customers poured through the door while I was there and the two shopkeepers were busily (and willingly!) scribbling down suggestions. So, soon we'll have Tyrkisk Peber again, and Lakritsal and many of the other old favourites. Meanwhile I came away with Salta Lakritsfigurer (Swedish version of 'Katjes'), some mean, small Malaco liquorice ('Djungelvrål') and a bulging bag with loose miniature dummies, salt herrings, boiled liquorice-flavoured sweets and Heksehyl. More about all that later.

Another nice edition to the bright and airy shop is a large chill cabinet stocked with the finest marinated seafoods. I shall come back with a cool-bag!


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