Friday, July 01, 2005

Oldtimers' SHZ

Stomach upset? Headache? Sore throat? Hangover? Of all the liquorice I have tried so far, Oldtimers' SHZ is probably the most medicinal. It also keeps the best. I have four left in a pack I bought over 18 months ago and they taste as good as on the day I opened it.

The oblongs are soft yet slightly brittle and tough to chew, coated with a fine yellow powder of pure liquorice root and the merest hint of ammonium chloride. Liquorice root extract suffuses the candy and lingers on the palate, so eating one at a time is quite sufficient.

Unlike the previously reviewed Oldtimers Äkta which only had descriptions in Swedish, the story behind Oldtimers' SHZ is printed on the pack only in Dutch which I cannot quite decipher at the moment (perhaps later). It makes me wonder who runs the company—apparently the Dutch and Swedish are quite unaware of each other's special editions.



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