Monday, April 18, 2005

IFA salt pastiller

Much more than merely a sweet, IFA pastiller are the aristocrats among liquorice.

I have already hinted at the many potential health benefits of real liquorice and IFA pastiller are formulated with this in mind. The opera singer Ivar Fridtjof Andresen (hence 'IFA'!), touted as 'the voice of the century' in the early 1900s, heartily recommended this candy The back of the pack reads to this day:

'Among their most distinguished features is first and foremost that they prevent dryness in the throat...I can most warmly recommend these lozenges for singers, speakers, smokers [yeah!] and athletes'

The fingernail-sized lozenges are indeed soothing and, for being a salty liquorice, surprisingly mild. Their thin glaze gives a tiny, satisfying crunch when chewed—and it is hard to resist doing so. I never had any handy when I suffered a dry or sore throat, but it might be a good idea to stockpile some for the next time. If I can keep my hands off them for that long.



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