Monday, May 16, 2005

Fazer's Salter Lakritsfigurer

The first Dutch word I learned was 'Katjes'—only I did not know that it was Dutch at the time. I associated it with Haribo and small, hard if not particulary salty liquorice kittens that had a tendency to stick between once teeth. Never a particular favourite when I was a kid (and only available in large, above pocket money-sized bags anyway) I did not give it much thought and it only recently occured to me that I have not seen it around for a long time.

What a nostalgic surprise then that Fazer's 'Salta Lakritsfigurer' look and taste almost exactly like them. They are a little bit cuter and rounder, possibly smaller, but by-and-large they are 'Katjes'. Something for fans of hard liquorice that do not want tongue-blistering levels of saltiness and enjoy the undertone of violets often found in Scandinavian liqs and (now that I have tasted them again) apparently also in one of Haribo's former bestsellers.



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