Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Sources of salty liquorice

I had my first request for info about where to get liqs from—Tyrkisk Peber of all things! And nope, the poster did not have a Scandinavian name (I don't either, but I've lived in Denmark for 2½ years, so I pass ;) )

My reply:
There is a small shop in London, not far from Madame
[sic] and Euston Station, called "Swedish Affair"
(32 Crawford St, W1H 1PL (7224 9300)). It doesn't have
a web site, but it does have TP -- even the lollies!

[That should've been 'Tussauds']

When it comes to sourcing salty liquorice, most of it is still down to a good old chase. The availability of the stuff usually determines where we go for our tobacco runs (i.e. Amsterdam more likely than say Paris, although my next tobacco run will be whale-watching in the Bay of Biscay!) and searching for my fix drives me down quiet little streets in West London. But of course, liquorice can be ordered on-line.

By far the most intriguing selection on offer is at kado in Berlin (it helps if you can read German). They even sell spunk!—which doesn't mean in Danish what it means in English, but is an innocent made-up word Pippi Longstocking and her little friends came up with one day. Allegedly.

True to form, it now comes as a flavoured vodka.You should definitely order a bottle of this.

Shame that Kado is so difficult to deal with. Last time I tried, they couldn't handle debit cards, so I never tried them again.

My only other on-line source so far has been den hollandse drop which is good, but mainly deals in wholesale quantities. Have you ever tried to eat a whole pound of DZ (more about those later)? I still have some left from my last order over 2 years ago...

Lastly, I would recommend hollandwinkel, but I have not tried them yet. Not such a wide choice of liqs, but ordering from them seems straightforward.

Good hunting, let me know what else is out there!


Blogger Martin Lindeskog said...

I found your blog via the Modulator. Have you tested the Nogger Black Ice Cream yet?

4:18 AM  
Blogger Eliza said...

Oh my god, I feel like I've found mecca. I'm one of about five Americans who loves salty liquorice (licorice, as we spell it here). I can almost never find this stuff in the U.S. It's been so long that I'd almost forgotten about it until I saw your blog. Now I want some. NOW. Nevermind, this isn't mecca; it's hell. It's the eighth ring, where salty licorice is dangled in front of you but you can never have it. Woe is me.

2:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eliza, apparently you can get salty liquorice in Cost Plus World Markets (check out Kath's entry in the Bootsnall
Scandinavian Salty Liquorice Appreciation Thread

10:00 AM  
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Blogger Tommy in Scotland said...

I was in Sweden in 2003 and tasted salty licorice for the first time there. It was Bassett's Sweet & Salt Black Licorice. I've never seen it since! Not even on ebay... I remember it had "New" on the packet so it must have been a new item in 2003. Has anyone seen this anywhere?


12:13 PM  

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