Friday, March 03, 2006

Liquorice order

Ever since my backpack was stolen in Makassar, Sulawesi, on January 5th, the loss of my liquorice has affected me badly (Indonesia may have been a Dutch colony for 300 years, but they never took to liquorice. I hope the thieves taste it and gag on it!)

Back home, I soon exhausted my supplies. Eventually I had to give in and order 50 quid worth of treats from the extensive selection at Typical Dutch Stuff. Why them? Two reasons
a) They don't just sell wholesale quantities, so I can order a greater variety
b) They have PayPal

And this is what's coming my way:

1 Lakrisal Salmiak,
1 Venco Droppeppers Salty Shakers,
1 Venco Jubes,
1 Venco Salmiak Rondos,
1 Venco Zwartwitjes,
1 Trekdrop Salmiak small,
1 Old Timers Mild Salt,
1 Smilie Faced Licorice (1 kg! It didn't come in smaller quantities, but this old childhood favourite is a must-have),
1 Klene Waterwerken,
1 Zwart Wit Kogels (on the few occasions when the village chemist got a delivery of these, we thought Christmas had come early. We would climb over the wall of the boarding school and sneak off to the village for more. That was 28years ago and I haven't tasted these since—are they really that good? We shall see.)


Blogger Elizabzab said...

Oh my gosh!! I just stumbled upon your blog by chance and I can not believe it!!! At last someone who is as mad as me about salty liquorice and who faces the same problems of finding them in the UK :) Although I am lucky, i live in London so can pop to Totally Swedish which I did know about, and that I will check out for sure on the 1st opportunity. And thanks for the Typical Dutch Stuff link, I also placed a mega order (postage was nearly as much as the stuff it self but hey, that's the price of being a liquorice nut).
I am not as versed in the different types of liquorice available so am starting to learn the names on your blog. Keep the reviews going!! :)

2:48 AM  

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