Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Liquorice Heaven

I knew I had landed in the right place when I spotted Tyrkisk Peber lollies next to the counter at the 7/11 in Copenhagen airport, but things got even better in Greenland.

Liquorice chewing gum, liquorice lollies, powdery liquorice dips, liquorice throat pastilles, liquorice liquorice and even— liquorice icecream (yes, in Greenland. It gets quite warm there in the summer).

For almost the entire ten days, I was breathing salmiak fumes!

Now I'm back home, chomping on deliciously in-yer-face 'Piratos' (with a hint of menthol) and 'Plet-Skud' which seem to be laced with sherbet.



Blogger marktristan said...

just discovered this blog when Google searching out of desperation (having just finished my last Malaco Salt Sild from Norway, and trying to describe to my Czech friend what salt liquorice is in case he can get me some on his trip home!)

Amazing isn't it. Whenever people discover another salmiak lover they immediately feel they must be kindred spirits. I liked the lady who said "I'm one of about five Americans who enjoy the stuff..." Well, I must admit to being delighted finding your blog. I once started one for chile sauces (another food passion of mine) but could not keep it up on my lunch break. You seem dedicated so I hope you do keep blogging. Travelling to Greenland is evidence indeed!

I have tried and enjoyed things like Tyrkisk Peber and DZ, and would now love to get my hands on some zwart wit zout that you're describing! Have also not long polished off some Spunk and some Salmiakki pastilles, though I prefer the bigger softer ones so I would love to try some Oldtimers too. Thanks for the inspiration and I will add your RSS feed to my reader,

A Bristol-based scandinavian liquorice lover

9:05 AM  
Blogger andy said...

Hey, if you like liquorice (salty, sweet etc) then you can order it online from htp://www.liquoriceheaven.co.uk.

I found their site a while ago and they have a great range and some really good prices.

Andy Poulton

2:40 AM  
Blogger DCJ said...

I've been a Liquorice Lover for a number of years now and have noticed a revamped site from "Liquorice Heaven".
Like Andy, I have looked at their offering and was suprised by the variety available and at reasonable prices ..... with Free postage on orders over £15.99. Their Mixed Bags are fantastic for trying out the various flavours if you don't know much about Dutch Liquorice.
Give them a try at http://www.liquoriceheaven.co.uk

A Liquorice Lover from deepest Wiltshire

11:09 AM  

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