Sunday, April 09, 2006


In a recent comment, Ace said:

' The story of the [Swedish]Oldtimers is:
The recipe was discovered in an old book they found in the candyfactory. The book was used as a support for an old machine, and someone had put it under the machines "leg" (don't know the english word, sorry) to prevent it from tipping. There's a reason for the bow tie on the pastille also, I'm not sure but I think they put it there because of the old man who found the book. He used to wear a bow tie.
Best regards/
the swede'

Thanks, Ace—it's great that people who read this blog come up with little morsels like that, what a lovely story!

A similar story is told on the back of my Oldtimers' 'Mildzoute Hindelooper Ruitjesdrop'. Something about dropmaker J. Douwenga's father, his friend and (if I can glean this correctly) a roedeer which somehow led to the manufacture of these sweets. And they're delicious. The only thing that would increase my enjoyment even further is if I could read enough Dutch to understand the story behind them.

The drops are quite sweet, with both sugar and glucose syrup, but not as mild as they're made out; they pack a nice, peppery note which combines well with their soft texture and sweetness. Not one for beginners, but salty liqs' 'oldtimers' will love them!



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