Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Not So Fast...

Looks like I've been shot down from a great height.

I don't know how to put this. I—erm—didn't back up the liquorice image folder on my website.

Yes I know, I normally back up everything. At least twice.

Perhaps, issuing UNIX commands put me right back in the university environment where stuff never gets lost. I mean, my first website (anno 1995) is probably still floating around in cyberspace somewhere. Then again, moving computers inevitably meant that stuff got lost. I'll have a look at my old floppies (look, it was a while ago, OK?) and see what I can dust up.

But until then, it looks that Easyspace won't let me get at my own content.

Nobody fucks with the elephant!

EDIT: I'm in the process of fixing it, as best as I can. But it does not help that Flickr is throwing up one exception after another. (And no, I can't back up my Flickr pics; I have a 10 Gig hard drive—no snickering at the back!—and very limited online storage facilities at the moment).

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