Monday, August 10, 2009

Catching Up

Yes I know, I have posted woefully little. Could be because my friends and rellies have been supplying me with salty liqs from Germany and the Netherlands :)

Scandinavian Liquorice Bonanza!
(Although I miss my Scandinavian liqs. Danfoods is usually out of stock

Now, every time I want a fix, I just pop a few dropjes and don't think about it any more. The craving is gone, so I got lazy.

But soon an exciting new author may be joining this blog, hopefully along with a few friends. In fact, anyone who wants to join the party could drop me a comment with a web reference (Facebook/blog/personal site) so that I/we know that you are human. A gmail account is required for Blogger authors.


Blogger jeela said...

nice haul Denni!! I just got an excellent package from Finland... mouth-wateringly inspiring :~j

8:18 PM  

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