Saturday, October 10, 2009

salmiak chocolate bar is not what's up

People don't often pair licorice and chocolate and this candy bar is a perfect example why.

It was supposed to be milk-chocolate squares filled with salty, oozy licorice filling. Instead it was dried out, cloyingly sweet and mildly nauseating.

CONFESSION: I kept this bar for about six weeks after I received it, unrefrigerated in a humid climate. I didn't know it had been crushed in transit and was rapidly drying out. The flavor and texture were obviously compromised. But my goodness, what an unpleasant candy experience!

Squirts of the leaked filling had solidified to a whitish-gray coating resembling mold over part of the bar. Mmmmm. I won't post a picture of that because I don't want to besmirch the Fazer name and classic black diamond packaging, but it was really disgusting.

Of course I ate it anyway. To my disappointment, even the filling in the uncrushed squares was no longer liquid. The flavor is just terrible. The whole concoction is too sweet, with only hints of saltiness. Perhaps the salmiak flavor was stronger when the bar was fresh? It seems to have evaporated with the filling.

Back to the lab with this one, Fazer! My stomach hurts.

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Blogger Denni said...

That's a shame. The salmiakki chocolate bar was a pairing I was looking forward to.

I think liquorice pairs well with chocolate, but it depends on the particular blend. Salty salmiakki probably goes best with a dark, rich chocolate. I have a sweet Australian liquorice coated with almost toffee-like milk chocolate and that works well. More on that (and other flavour pairings) later ;)

5:07 AM  
Blogger mina olen said...

A total disappointment! Messes up both the chocolate and the licorice.

Dark and rich sounds.... well... not entirely tasty but, I couldn't not give it a shot hehe cant wait to hear about other pairings!

1:59 AM  
Blogger Sarah S said...

I agree Denni - soft liquorice coated in chocolate is a typical sweet here in Australia, and it's fantastic. Not sure I'd enjoy it with salty liquorice though...

9:12 AM  

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