Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Brighton Treasure!

Northern Lights Bar, Brighton

What a find! The Northern Lights bar in Brighton (where I attended Horrorcon last week) not only sells Salmiakki in liquid but also in solid form!

I had to restrain myself from buying up all the supplies, but it's an excellent reason to return to the Georgian seaside town sooner rather than later :)

Quick tasting note: to my surprise, Salmiakki aren't as strong—or as good—as Super Piratos and there is a little too much menthol in them. They are fantastic throat candies though. Recommended for smokers and those who sing or talk for a living.

Alas, I failed to convince the resident Ghostwalker of their virtues.



Blogger mina olen said...

ooooh those salmiak flavored Sisu candies are some of my FAVORITES! Funny now that I think abt it, but they are kind of minty/mentholated... somehow I never noticed.

Great find! Cheers!

1:43 AM  
Blogger mina olen said...

but the Fazer salmiak is only so-so; should be much stronger, I agree on that. Sisu never were that strong to begin with, the red box is the classic and the salmiak flavor is a newer varietal

1:46 AM  

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