Saturday, October 29, 2005

Tricky Treats

It's a shame that I did not make it back to London to check out the liquorice selection at 'Totally Swedish' (aka 'The Sweedish Affair') yet. I'll go next weekend, but by then it will be too late to stock up on Halloween treats.
I only have one of the 'Tyrkisk Peber' lollies left and most of my other liqs supplies are going soggy. There are a few 'Salt Patroner' (aniseed-flavoured boiled sweets hidden under a mindblowingly strong liquorice powder coating). These are individually packaged with a suitable label so the kidds won't expect a harmless little candy, but with time the moisture has penetrated even their plastic wrapping and turned them soggy on the outside.

Perhaps that is a good thing; at least I won't have the parents and authorities on my back, accusing me of trying to poison the children. Still, it would've kept the little blighters away next year...

<evil witch's cackle/>

I'll be back in a week or so with an update on TS, but as I'm off to SE Asia soon, don't expect a lot of posts until after my return in March 2006.

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Im chuffed: a writer from the States has been in touch. She's researching a book on 'extreme foods' (sounds intriguing) and, granted, in the eyes of some people salty liquorice belongs in this group ;)

I'm actually taking a little break from my ceaseless chomping right now: could it be that saturation level has been reached, at least temporarily? I maintain that ammonium chloride is an addictive substance so we shall see how long that will last. And should I go cold turkey during my imminent trip to SE Asia (21st November-14th February)? There is just a possibility that liqs will be available in Indonesia—it is a former Dutch colony and there are plenty of Indonesian restaurants in Amsterdam, so...