Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Liquorice Heaven

I knew I had landed in the right place when I spotted Tyrkisk Peber lollies next to the counter at the 7/11 in Copenhagen airport, but things got even better in Greenland.

Liquorice chewing gum, liquorice lollies, powdery liquorice dips, liquorice throat pastilles, liquorice liquorice and even— liquorice icecream (yes, in Greenland. It gets quite warm there in the summer).

For almost the entire ten days, I was breathing salmiak fumes!

Now I'm back home, chomping on deliciously in-yer-face 'Piratos' (with a hint of menthol) and 'Plet-Skud' which seem to be laced with sherbet.


Friday, September 08, 2006

More Blogger hic-ups...

......but loh and behold—we're back.

For a while I was referred to the ghastly Beta version which simply hid my blogs from the dashboard and instead invited me to create a new one. That was almost as bad as the time when both of my bogs disappeared for a while. Almost, because they could at least still be read, even though I could neither post to them nor comment on them.

Blogger never deigned to reply to my query with anything other than a form email in the 'fix it yourself' vein (are they becoming a little too bloated, methinks?) but at least normal service has resumed now.

Why this rant if I haven't actually posted anything for weeks?

Because I'm back from Greenland and I'm rolling in liqs!